I’m Josh, I’m 15 years old and I was born with a right Erb’s Palsy birth injury.
I have been playing brass instruments since I was 7 years old in year 3. I started off with a baritone, which I really enjoyed, then I moved onto a trombone and in the past 18 months I’ve played a bass trombone which is a bit trickier. I have weekly 1 to 1 lessons for this at school. Playing an instrument is great physio for me, and something I love!
In early 2021 during the Pandemic I joined Army Cadets, I’ve loved learning new things and the social side of it.
In 2022 I joined my local Salvation Army brass band. We do a lot of events and I play with people of different skill levels and instruments.
I’ve always been interested in the Army and when I found out there was an Army Cadet Band nearby, I just had to join that one too! My only issue was that the instrument I was using was on loan through my school music service, which was only meant for use in school or at home. Buying a new or used trombone wasn’t something we could afford.
My mum told me about the Tim Dyde Fund, with the Erb’s Palsy Group, so I researched this and began to apply. While I awaited the outcome I made some paracord keyrings and sold them amongst friends, family, cadets and Salvation Army members. I’d managed to raise 1/3 of the cost. I was so lucky to have been awarded the funds towards my instrument. In January I received my shiny new Bass Trombone in a lightweight carry case, ideal for me to carry.
My new instrument has allowed me to join the Army band and in late July I am travelling to London with the cadet band to a ‘job’ at The Royal Chelsea Hospital for a week. I cannot wait!! This also means I will pass off some of my music qualifications with them.
Having my own instrument means I don’t need to worry about being without when I leave school next year and can continue driving my mum crazy
One day though, I’d love to be part of a competition band!